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Oscillating rail - transfer of parts

The Oscillating rails are used to drive conveying systems for the transfer of fine mechanical parts, bottles or bulk .... Their properties and performance are cquite different of the vibrating systems widely used in industry.

Principle :

The output rail is driven by a horizontal repetitive movement,  back and forth with quick return.

The frequency of the mechanical oscillations is about 10 to 20 Hz *, the horizontal stroke of the oscillations is in the range of 1.5 and 7.5 mm * and the ratio between return and forward speeds is 10 to 15*  (* these parameters depend on the kinematics of the cams, which are selected depending on the application).

As a result, a part placed on the rail, is moved in the direction of transfer. it seems sliding on the moving surface, hence the name "sliding rail." (During the fast return of the rail,  parts continue to move by inertia).

The kinematics of the movement is entirely controlled by the cam profile.


Technological advantages.

The  back and forth movement is  exclusively horizontal  : It provides an excellent stability of the transferred parts. It is possible to get accumulations of fine parts without risk of overlapping .

    The cam mechanism is lubricated in an oil bath : it provides an excellent reliability  in the most severe conditions

    On-off  with short reaction time,

  With some  kinematics it is possible to get reversible transfer direction by reversing the  rotation of the motor  .

    Many kinematics are available. They are designed to suit every application. Example: focus on capacity, transfer speed , stability or parts ....

    The transfer speed is proportional to the frequency of mechanical oscillations ( given by the rotation speed of the motor, which is adjustable by a frequency converter ) .

    The transfer speed is independent of the part weights.


The design with mechanical cams technology guaranty a stable and reliable long term operation.


  • Transfer of parts in assembly lines.
  • Parts control
  • Extraction of metal shavings
  • Alignement of parts
  • Transfer with accumulation
  • Bulk conveyors
  • Food conveyors



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