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NC rotary tables CN 250

Freely programmable rotary table  allowing flexible use, equipped with a backlash-adjustable worm drive. 


Rotary table NC 250


The motion of the rotary table is freely adjustable (ie: acceleration sequences, number of stops, speeds...).

The motor is mounted inside the housing offering a compact design and a good protection of the motor.

This rotary table offers high positioning precision thanks to the use of a high-resolution measuring system and the rigid mechanical design.

A pneumatic clamping of the output shaft is proposed as an option.


Technical data :

  NC 250
  Output shaft Ø mm  249
  Centre hole Ø  mm  80
  Number of divisions Freely programmable
  Weight kg  90
  Max. capacity (load kg)  400
  Max. dynamic torque N.m  150

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