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Cam indexing tables


Application plateau rotatif

The reliable rotary indexing tables from MCPI are based on cam shaft principles. They have been designed for  work that requires fast indexing, smooth motion and accurate stop position.

Discover the technical principle of MCPI's cam indexing tables

A technology with numerous advantages:

  • Smooth and impact free motion.
  • High degree of precision.
  • Fast movement
  • Large centre through hole.
  • Robust and reliable (for high cadency production).
  • Maintenance free operation (when using MCPI control system).
  • Easier installation due to different motor positions.
  • Can be used in vertical and horizontal position.

  • Cam drive principle    

Standard delivery with:

  • Motor, long life lubrication of mechanism, "end of cycle" detection, pin hole drillings in housing and output rotary table.


Download 3D, 2 D and PDF drawings

Fluid and energy supply of actuators mounted on the disc: MCPI  Rotary union

  • Rotary unions to feed with compressed air or vacuum...actuators mounted on rotary parts. The rotary joints can be associated with electrical slip rings.
Indexing table with multi passage rotary union

10 fluid circuits

+ slip ring with 16 lines

Discover our range of multi-passages rotary unions.


Electronic control system: secure and optimize operation of indexing tables

A mechatronic turn key solution dedicated to cams indexing tables to :
  •   Avoid damage to the  table due to emergency stops (quick but progressive stop, and slow motion to finish the cycle).
  •   Provide an efficient and constant (electrical) braking of the motor  (no wearing, maintenance free system)),
  •   Reduce the total cycle time, thanks to the short reaction time.
  •   Simplify electrical integration of the indexing table (input: one switch to start cycle, output: 2 switches - table in stop position + motor stopped).


The choice of the motor position : an MCPI exclusivity 



 PE Version

PA Version

SP Version

SC Version


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